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The Department promotes and coordinates research activities in the areas of Earth Sciences.
The Department's  staff also participates in multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research involving the areas of Chemistry, Physics,
of Agricultural Sciences, Forestry Sciences, Natural Sciences and Environmental, Cultural Heritage and Biomedical Sciences.
The various areas in which the Department of Earth Sciences is involved are as follows:


Vertebrate paleontology
Paleontology - Palaeobotany - Paleocarpologia - paleoecology
Teaching of Earth Sciences

Analysis of sedimentary basins

Role of tectonic sindeposizionale
Geological mapping
Stratigraphy integrated High Definition
Quaternary Geology

Structural geology and tectonics

Formation, dispersion and reassembly of Pangea
Tectonic evolution of convergent margins in different structural levels
Geodynamics and Natural Hazards
Geological mapping

Physical geography

Study of local climatology
Risk geomorphological and outdoor tourism
Microclimate climate change
Geomorphology and geomatics

Enhancement of the geological heritage

Geology applied to the preservation of land and environment

Hydrology of rivers and irrigation canals
Slope stability
Groundwater contamination
Environmental geology
Precision Viticulture
Seismic site characterization
Waterborne Geophysics
Laboratory Geophysics

Geology applied to the exploitation of natural resources

Waste management mining
Management earth and rock excavation and rubble
Georesources mining
Renewable energies


Structural changes in feldspar
Structural complexity in minerals
Studies difrattometrici of thermoelasticity in minerals
Systematic mineralogy
Searches crystal-chemical
Study of crystal surfaces and interfaces
Quantum-mechanical modeling
Crystal growth

Environmental mineralogy and applied

Structure of Materials
Materials science and cultural heritage
Study of fibers and natural and synthetic mineral particles and their interactions with the biosphere
Petrography, petrology and metallogenesis

Applied petrography



Paleomagnetism applied to volcanology
Magnetism and archeology
Magnetism of speleothems

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