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The Department of Geological Sciences boasts several historical collections of great scientific value:

Collection of Thematic Maps

The libraries of the Department of Earth Sciences preserve assets of about three thousand thematic maps, the result of purchases, gifts and exchanges with mapping agencies. It consists mostly of geological maps and topographic, Italian and foreign, made of different size and scale from the nineteenth century and in the modern era.

Collections of the Museum of Geology and Paleontology

assets estimated at least 850.000 copies of which at least 5.000 specimens typical of the species or subspecies. The lithological materials are managed at the Regional Natural Science Museum (MRSN), and amount to approximately 27.000 specimens of which is important to mention about 9.000 thin sections with relevant witnesses. Also there are other materials lithological not a free loan, available at the DST for the only thin sections exceed 5.000 units.

Collections of the Museum of Mineralogy

It consists of almost 16,000 samples, deposited on loan for use at the Regional Museum of Natural Sciences (MRSN) and a hundred samples of mineral well crystallized.

Collections of petrographic sections

This collection, available into the Department, has been served as the basis for an atlas of petrography (Italian version).

Carpological collections

plant fossils include remains of the Miocene, Pliocene, Quaternary and current era.

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