Department Board



The Department Board is the governing body and executive proposals which supports and assists the Director in carrying out its functions.
Are members by right of the Board: the Director, the two Deputy Directors and the Manager of the Accounting Department; equal representation of teachers of first and second rank, researchers and administrative staff, are the other members elected to be part of the Executive.

The numerical representations is defined in art. 16 of the Rules of operation of the Department.

Regolamento di funzionamento del Dipartimento.


  1. Ajassa Prof. Roberto (Representatives for Full Professors)
  2. Cadoppi Paola (Representatives for Full Professors)
  3. Carosi Prof. Rodolfo (Director)
  4. Castelli Daniele (Representatives for Full Professors)
  5. Fubelli Giandomenico (Representatives for Full Professors)
  6. Bertok Dott. Carlo (Representatives for Full Professors)
  7. Ferrando Simona (Representatives for Full Professors)
  8. Ferrero Anna Maria (Education Deputy-Director )
  9. Pavese Alessandro (Research Deputy-Director )
  10. Carnevale Giorgio (Representatives for Full Professors)
  11. Vaccani Dott. Daniela (Secretary)
  12. Vinciguerra Sergio Carmelo (Representatives for Full Professors)
  13. Lasagna Manuela (Student)



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