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Cartoon showing the role of the inherited intra-oceanic (Jurassic) tectono-stratigraphic architecture (see BSZ, in Fig. A) in controlling the subsequent Alpine evolution of the Alpine convergent margin (B, C, D) in the Monviso metaophiolite Complex (from Balestro et al., 2018 Geological Magazine).

Role of structural-stratigraphic inheritances in the evolution of convergent margins

Ruolo delle eredità strutturali-stratigrafiche nell’evoluzione dei margini convergenti



ERC Sectors

PE10_5 - Geology, tectonics, volcanology


A key factor for the mitigation of natural hazards associated to large magnitude earthquakes in modern convergent margins (e.g., Mw 9.0 Tohoku-Oki 2011 e Mw 9.1 Sumatra 2004) is the understanding of the role played by structural - stratigraphic inheritances during subduction and exhumation stages.

Due to complications to decipher in detail the characteristics of those inheritances in modern off-shore settings through seismic reflection studies, our research focuses on ancient on-land analogues of convergent margins exposed in the Alpine-Apennine system where units formed at different depth, from shallow (T<300°C) to deep (T>300°C) structural levels, can be observed

The research is aimed to improve the knowledge of the tectono-stratigraphic and metamorphic evolution of exhumed convergent margins, through the comparison of metamorphosed (W-Alps) and non-metamorphosed (Apennine and peri Mediterranean region) ancient and modern (e.g., Japan Trench, Hikurangi Margin) analogues. Our results are aimed to define a model for a better understanding of the evolution of modern and ancient convergent margins and related natural hazards.


Paleogeographic reconstructions of the plate interaction between Gondwana and Laurussia (Laurasia) at (A) Early Permian (modified from Ballèvre et al., 2018, Stampfli et al., 2002; Schettino and Turco, 2011), (B) Late Triassic (modified from Stampfli et al., 2002; Schettino and Turco, 2011), and (C) Early Jurassic (modified from Stampfli et al., 2002; Schettino and Turco, 2011). Modified from Festa et al. (2020, Geoscience Frontiers)

Collaborazioni principali 

Miami University, Oxford (OH-USA)
CUGB - China University of Geosciences, Beijing (China);
Charles University, Prague (Czech Republic);
Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia (Italy)


  • Barbero, E., Festa, A., Saccani, E., Catanzariti, R., and D’Onofrio, R., 2020. Redefinition of the Ligurian Units at the Alps-Apennines junction (NW Italy) and their role in the evolution of the Ligurian accretionary wedge: constraints from mélanges and broken formations. Journal of the Geological Society, 177 (3), 562-574. Selected in the final voting for the EARLY CAREER AWARD 2020 of the Geological Society of London (UK).
  • Balestro, G., Festa, A., and Dilek, Y., 2019. Structural Architecture of the Western Alpine Ophiolites, and the Jurassic Seafloor Spreading Tectonics of the Alpine Tethys. Journal of the Geological Society, 176, 913-930.
  • Festa, A., Balestro, G., Borghi, A., De Caroli, S., and Succo, A., 2020. The role of structural inheritance in continental break-up and exhumation of Alpine Tethyan mantle (Canavese Zone, Western Alps). Geoscience Frontiers, 11, 167-188. Awarded as Geoscience Frontiers BEST PAPER 2020 in Beijing (China).
  • Balestro, G., Festa, A., Borghi, A., Castelli, D., Gattiglio, M., and Tartarotti, P., 2018. Role of Late Jurassic intra-oceanic structural inheritance in the Alpine tectonic evolution of the Monviso meta-ophiolite Complex (Western Alps). Geological Magazine, 155(2), 233-249. Doi: 10.1017/S0016756817000553.
  • Balestro, G., Festa, A., Dilek, Y., and Tartarotti, P., 2015. Pre-Alpine Extensional Tectonics of a Peridotite-Localized Oceanic Core Complex in the Late Jurassic, High-Pressure Monviso ophiolite (Western Alps). Episodes, 38 (4), 266-282. Doi: 10.18814/epiiugs/2015/v38i4/82421. Awarded by IUGS (International Union of Geosciences) as Episodes BEST PAPER 2012-216 in Cape Town (ZA).

Tag: Structural inheritance, convergent margins, Alps-Apennines

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